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openANX is an Open Transparent Decentralized Exchange

ANX International’s OpenANX ICO Raises Over $14 Million on Day One

OpenANX, a decentralized exchange project promoted by ANX International raises over $14 million on the very first day. OneWeb | OneWorld | | OneWeb is on a mission to create...

Shouldn't everyone have access to the world's information? In 2018 OneWeb will launch a constellation of satellites to provide affordable high-speed Internet access for the world's unconnected. Byteball | | Smart payments made simple

Byteball allows you to do something that traditional currencies can't: conditional payments. You set a condition when the payee receives the money. If the condition is not met, you get your money... : BetKing | | Crowdfunded Bitcoin casino

BetKing opened in April 2013 and by the end of 2014 quickly became the most popular crowdfunded Bitcoin casino. From 2015 BetKing had the most wagered volume of all crowdfunded gambling sites,... Primalbase | | Shared Workspaces on Crypto Tokens

Building upon the well-established business model of shared workspaces, the Primalbase project transforms traditional office rental into a new-generation community-based ecosystem where one can share, sell or rent out high-quality office... Spectiv | | A dedicated virtual reality streaming platform

A dedicated virtual reality streaming platform utilizing blockchain integrated attention markets to proactively support mainstream virtual reality adoption. Starta ICO | | Invest in a portfolio of 21 start-ups

Starta Accelerator is an acceleration program launched by Starta Capital VC Fund in 2015. Mission of Starta Accelerator is to empower Eastern European frontier technology companies through exposing them to USA... AdEx | Decentralized ad network

AdEx is a decentralized ad serving network based on blockchain and smart contracts technology. | Explore the frontier of AI

Andrew Ng, the former chief scientist of Baidu, announced his next venture,