LATEST ARTICLES Santiment | | The crowd sentiment data platform for crypto and blockchain...

Santiment lets you access and share valuable financial information, so you can make faster, more confident, more profitable crypto-trading decisions.

Results from Rising Star of the Domain Market .IN Auction

The total sales amount culminated in nearly $37K with the top seller, coming close to clearing $10K. Other names like, and more went for respectable prices with the... Brickblock | | Diversify your digital assets

Brickblock is the first project to build an infrastructure platform to seamlessly and transparently connect cryptocurrencies with real world assets. 大糖医 Da Tang Yi | | >$1,462,865 | Intelligent Diabetes Management Cloud...

Funding: Series A Amount: more than $1,462,865 Start from diabetes to create the most professional chronic disease management cloud platform to facilitate the sugar-friends easily record blood glucose data, anytime, anywhere access to... 喵才 Miao Cai | | Sharing of human networking

Sharing platform of a professional human networking, through creation of professional brokers. Hi维修 Hi Wei Xiu | $7,314,326 | | a mobile phone field...

Funding: Sereis A Amount: $7,314,326 Hi Wei Xiu provides you with convenient, safe and reliable mobile phone field repair and replacement service. 诺博教育 Nuo Bo Education | $6,275,691 | | Make education more scientific

Funding: Series A Amount: $6,275,691 Nuo Bo Education is a kindergarten efficient management solution provider.

CurrencyExchange.Markets: A2B Direct | | The project is a full cycle platform for...

The platform allows for a direct interaction between a freight forwarder and cargo owner, across all stages of cargo delivery

CurrencyExchange.Markets: Nimiq | | World’s first Browser-based Blockchain & Ecosystem

Nimiq is a third-generation Blockchain designed for simplicity. Its core values are ease-of-use, scalability and speed.

CurrencyExchange.Markets: CORION | | the Gateway to the Crypto World

corion platform provides marketplace, stable price coin, earnings on coin emission, versatile wallet, exchange