Claims of offer from owner Brian Arundell disputed by Champs Florist owner Mel...

Brian Arundell, the owner of who is also believed to be romantically involved with Freckles owner Katrina Dosser, took to social media to respond to the story.

Startup League, a Startup-support Program, Offers to Compensate for Startups’ Tech-fest Participation Cost

For example, is a startup focused on outer space; is a marketplace for copywriting services powered by AI and is a startup that works in the machine vision...

State Bank of India website gets a new avatar

CHENNAI: The State Bank of IndiaBSE 0.09 % (SBI) on Monday announced rebranding of its website as

India – Arbitration In Intellectual Property / Trademark Disputes And Further Remedies – See...

Arbitration is a mode of alternate dispute resolution which can more ... Although domain name disputes often get subjected to arbitration

Sell more domain names! – DNW Podcast #124

Jeff Gabriel knows how to sell domain names. He broke into the industry as a domain broker and now runs sales as VP at Uniregistry.

Pres. Trump has 3,643 websites that range from to

One was That domain had belonged to a Mexican cybersquatter. Luis Jorge O’Brien Covarrubias is a civil engineer in Guadalajara, Mexico. He bought TrumpEmpire for $10 in April 2015 hoping...


What’s in a name? When it comes to your online presence, everything. If you haven’t already, stake a claim to your name on every channel you can, purchasing possible domain names...

Retailer Argos beaten in domain name battle at UK court

UK retailer Argos suffered a knockout blow in a domain name dispute with US software company Argos Systems over the domain name

Ross’s Top 10 Law Firm Domain Name Mistakes (Part II)

Baker & McKenzie shouldn’t use as the primary site. The legal industry standard moved away from using the “and” a decade ago.